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Associate professor, Institute of Computing Technology and Chinese Academy of Sciences

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Neuromorphic Computing, Deep Learning and Medical Singnal Processing/Imaging Analysis


Medical big data mainly includes electronic health record data, medical image data, gene information data, etc. Among them, medical image data accounts for the vast majority of medical data at this stage. How to apply medical big data to clinical practice? This is a problem of great concern to medical and computer researchers, and Brain-Inspired computing and deep learning provide a good answer. Combined with the latest research progress of medical image big data analysis and the work of our research group in the field of medical image big data analysis, this report introduces the application of Brain-Inspired computing and deep learning in the field of medical big data analysis and early disease diagnosis.


Dr. Di ZHAO received his doctorate in computational science from Louisiana Tech University. Zhao Di undertook post-doctoral research at Columbia University and the Ohio State University. Professor ZHAO is undertaking a number of national, provincial and ministerial scientific research projects. Professor Zhao has comprehensive research experience in the field of "deep learning and medical image analysis" and has published many academic journal papers and academic conference papers. Professor Zhao served as the editorial board of academic journals such as Chinese Journal of Image and Graphics, Chinese Digital Medicine, Annals of Multicore and GPU Programming, etc. Professor Zhao published one book and translated one book. Professor Zhao holds a number of academic positions.

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