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John Q. FANG

Chairman of Biomedical Engineering at Shantou University
Shantou, China

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Error-related Potential in Stroke Rehabilitation, Its Detection and Possible Application



Prof. John Q. FANG joined Shantou University in 2017 and became the director of the Department of Biomedical Engineering. His major research interests include medical signal processing, wearable and implant technology, neural rehabilitation engineering, and mobile medical and medical large data technology. Professor Fang received his doctorate in biomedical engineering from Monash University, Australia in 2000. In 2002, he joined RMIT University, Australia as a permanent faculty member. He was appointed as laboratory director, subject leader, lecturer, senior lecturer, and acting director of the BME Department. Dr. Fang served as a research fellow of the Chinese Academy of Sciences hundred people program (A-class), director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Ph.D. supervisor. Prof. FANG has supervised a total of 7 doctorate students and 22 master’s students. The total amount of research funds obtained at nationally and internationally is more than 2 million dollars. He has published 4 book chapters, more than 40 Journal Papers (including 30 SCI papers), and more than 70 peer-reviewed conference papers (EI) and holds 7 Chinese patents. He serves as reviewer and guest editor of several SCI journals. Prof. Fang has been an international science and technology consultant in Jilin, Jilin Province, an academic adviser to the Jiaxing Second Hospital, an adjunct academic of the Jiaxing Municipal Party school committee, and a prestigious "Overseas Educator" of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.

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